Founded in 2015, Twelve21 is a limited liability company based in St. Charles, Illinois. Our mission is to develop a strong portfolio of businesses, brands, and investments across a diverse spectrum of industries. We value creativity and are committed to the continuous support of our team members, brands, and partners.

Twelve21 specializes in new business ventures, capital investment, and existing business acquisitions. We operate in a variety of industry segments including strategic consulting, people strategy, retail support, data analytics, and curriculum development.

Twelve21 Core Values: Creative = Innovative / Variety = Diverse


Our projects, partnerships and investments are designed to serve a wide array of businesses and industries. The uniqueness of each project allows for collaboration, and creativity to bring together great people, services and outcomes to all involved.


Business ideas, proposals and ventures fail to succeed because they lack the support necessary to succeed. Twelve21 reduces risk and provides new ventures the infrastructure needed to focus on operations, client and customer satisfaction, and profitability.


Serving a number of different business ventures allows the Twelve21 portfolio to be diverse, insulated from market changes and capable to enter new industries because of our rich portfolio of existing projects, industry expertise, and personnel.

Twelve21: Strategic Brand Investment and Operations


Expanding Brand Portfolio and Company Investment

Twelve21 LLC

We believe that entrepreneurship can support those that take risks, transform communities, create jobs, and spur economic growth…

Owner Connect

A partner-driven consulting agency specializing in strategic services for automotive, marine, motorcycle, and recreational…


Found is a people strategy firm specializing in talent acquisition, career placement, research analysis, and organization…

Level Up Athletics

LevelUp Athletics is a multipurpose athletic space, located in St. Charles Illinois specializing in the development…

We believe a great business requires vision, time and support to realize it’s potential


Our executive leadership team provides strategic vision,
commitment and guidance to ensure company success

Ryan Bongard

Chief Executive Officer

Proven executive leader in strategic planning, product development and new business ventures in the automotive, people strategy and education industries.

Joni Stuker

Head of Acquisition & Partnerships

Three decades consulting with retailer owners and automotive manufacturers on processes and techniques to maximize their performance within the automotive industry.

Mitchell Robbins

Head of Creative & Marketing

15 years of advertising, brand creation and marketing experience in retail, hospitality and human resource industries